Our Story
Meal and Party Ideas

The heritage of Win Schuler's products began almost a century ago. In 1909, in the small town of Marshall, Michigan, Albert Schuler, Sr. opened a small cigar store on Main Street. It wasn't long before Albert's love of food and cooking inspired him to expand his enterprise to include a bakery and a lunch counter. Eventually Albert's entrepreneurial spirit led him to purchase a hotel and restaurant he named Schuler's. In 1934 Albert turned the management of the hotel over to his sons Winston and Albert, Jr.

Win eventually bought out his brother and started to put his own personality into the restaurant that he re-named "Win Schuler's." It soon became obvious that Win had a great talent for the hospitality industry. By 1954 he was known in restaurant circles as "the consummate host." The well-liked owner was famous for the warm, friendly way he greeted his guests and for making them feel comfortable and welcome.

As the restaurant's reputation for fine dining grew, so did its popularity. People were known to drive from all over the Midwest just for dinner. In fact, the restaurant was so popular there were long lines and sometimes a wait of up to two hours for a table.

Win realized that during this extensive wait to be seated people were building up ravenous appetites. So, as a gesture of hospitality, he did something unheard of in the restaurant trade. Upon being seated, diners were immediately rewarded for their patience with a complimentary crock of Schuler's own secret recipe of "Bar Scheeze," a healthy portion of delicious meatballs in barbecue sauce and a warm loaf of fresh bread.

Diners literally ate it up -- it was a brilliant idea that created a party-like atmosphere in the dining room and made people feel more like guests in Win's home than patrons in a restaurant. "The Consummate Host" certainly lived up to his reputation.

As it turns out, the Bar Scheeze and meatballs became a bigger phenomenon than Win had anticipated. People liked the entrees at the restaurant, but it was the complimentary appetizers that had people talking. It was so well received that restaurant patrons were continually asking Win and his employees if there was any way they could buy some of the delicious Bar Scheeze to take home. The more Win thought about it, the more he liked the idea. So he decided to give the people what they wanted and to sell crocks of Bar Scheeze.

Initially, Bar Scheeze was sold only in Win Schuler's restaurants. But as the demand grew, Win decided it was time to expand into grocery stores. Soon anyone could go to the grocery store and get the same great Bar Scheeze taste that Schuler's restaurant patrons had been enjoying for years.

You can still find the taste that kept people coming back to Win Schuler's restaurants right in your grocery store. Over time the package has been redesigned. (See above.) Even the name is a little different: what was once known as "Bar Scheeze" is now known as "Win Schuler's Original Cheese Spread." But no matter how the package has changed, or what it's called, one thing has remained the same: the "secret recipe," the same wonderfully zesty Bar Scheeze flavor made popular in Win's restaurants, lives on in Win Schuler's Original Cheese Spread.

Make your guests and family feel special by serving high quality, delicious Win Schuler's products in your home. We still make them with the same tradition of excellence and hospitality. And we continue the tradition of quality with each new product we introduce.

Let Win Schuler's Cheese Spreads and Win Schuler's Snack Chips make you "the consummate host," too.